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Stik Boats FAQ

Q: What are the specs on the boat?

Q: What size motor and how fast?

A: 17.5 HP, 4 stroke single cylinder engine. Speed up to 27 MPH

Q: What is the weight of the boat?

A: 250lbs

Q: How much weight will the boat carry?

A: The total weight limit is 350 lbs. That includes the weight of any passengers and gear. This boat performs best with one adult and gear. An adult and a child works fine as well.

Q: What motor is used and who could I have service it here?

A: 17.5 hp four – stroke jet engine is located directly behind the operator and is easily accessible for maintenance. The engine runs on gasoline and is ethanol compliant. It is electric start with a 3.7 gallon fuel capacity giving you a 35 – 40 mile range. The engine is serviceable by most PWC, motorcycle, or small engine repair facilities.

Q: Is it salt water friendly?

A. Yes

Q: Electric motor or gas?

A: Gas

Q: Is the motor susceptible to picking up sea grass and other debris on the water surface like a jet ski?

A: Yes, floating grass mats will clog the engine intake and need to be removed.

Q: Does it have a Bait well option?

 A: Not built it. It is possible to mount an auxiliary batter to run a portable unit.

Q: How would one mount a fish finder? Like lowrance hds series 10+ inch screen?

A: The transducer can be epoxied to the hull inside the engine compartment. Wires can be run through the bulkhead along with current wire routing to the center console. There is a spot for a universal kayak accessory mount on the top of the center console where the unit can be mounted. All external electronics need to run on their own power source, boat battery is strictly for engine cranking.

Q: Where do you sell?


Q: Where can you ship?

A:  Anywhere in the U.S.

Q: How much are they?

Q: Where can I buy a Stikboat?

Q: Where can I find a dealer?

Q: Do you finance? Or has to be bought outright?

A: We do not finance, but have many customers who have financed through banks or credit unions. They are insurable and financeable. Just like a personal water craft.

Q: What exactly comes with the Stik Boat?

A: The boat, the seat, a folding kayak seat for front passengers, an auxiliary bag of tools, and the SeaDek pads for the hull.

Q: Do you have recommendations for a trailer?

A: We are happy to provide specifications on the standard trailers we use. Local trailer builders would have no problem replicating based on our set up.

Q: Do you have used/refurbished stop boats you sell at a discounted rate?

A: Not at the moment.

Q: Are these boats required to be registered like the larger ones?

A: Yes, They are considered PWC by the Coast Guard (and TXPWD here in Texas).

Q: Toggle switch run for fish finder/GPS, cigarette or usb charger and spot lights can the battery handle that?

A: All external electronics should run off a secondary power source. There is plenty of space in the engine compartment to mount a battery tray.

Q: Can you put a trolling motor on it?

A: We have not at this point. We are sure someone will come up with a great way to make that happen. We look forward to seeing it. This will be something we consider adding on future models.

Q: How can I become a Dealer?

A: We plan to refine our dealership program late in 2018. We currently do not have enough production to support a wide network of dealers. We hope to change that soon.

Q: How can I get one in California?

A: We are happy to ship to California. We do know that California has a unique and restrictive EPA standard that would apply to this boat. We do not believe that we are in compliance with this standard. We are EPA certified for the other 49 states.

Q: How does the boat handle in short mid chop?

A: Small chop for short periods of time is fine. Our boat is 12 feet long so it was not intended for rough water use.